Wholesale Information

Ornamental & Aquarium Fish/Shrimp Wholesale

  Joe's Aqua, started in 2013, is one of Taiwan's ornamental shrimp/fish breeder and importers/exporters. Our principles are "Reasonable Price, Good Quality, and Quantity Flexibility". And these, push us to provide high-quality freshwater/marine fish and shrimp.



  We want to help more small business and retailer (own a storefront) to get living stock with reasonable price and don't need to pay a high import cost for small amount import. For doing this, we only ask a small MOQ (min order request). 

  Our wholesale import are all from Taiwan and we have at least two shipment every month now (every two weeks). The import shipment will arrive LAX airport first and our staff will drop your shipment to Southwest Cargo LAX and then Southwest will deliver them to the airport you asked for. For large amount import (over 5 Boxes), we can export directly to LAX, SEA, SFO, JFK and ATL airport.

  If you're interested to work with us, please leave your information as below. Please include your business information in Message, such as website, Facebook page, or storefront pic.